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Programme Minceur Cryoactif

Reduces cellulite - Smoothes dimples - Tones
Cryoactive Concentrate + Slimming Roller

The programme is composed of the Cryoactive Concentrate, to target ingrained cellulite, accompanied by its Slimming Roller to optimise the massage.

Inspired by cryolipolysis, its triple action formula with boosted efficiency targets ingrained cellulite for an anti-cellulite effect in as little as 7 days*!

Its powerful duo of new-generation active ingredients, the caffeine-ginger complex, is 20 times more effective than caffeine alone in removing fat (**).


The WTB system stimulates the burning of fat while the pro-irisine has an anti-recurrence action.

Result: the orange peel appearance is visibly reduced, the skin is smoothed and toned.

Its active pinkish gel texture, with an immediate and prolonged cold effect, is quickly absorbed and has been designed to facilitate massage, a key stage in its effectiveness.

(*) Clinical study on 50 volunteers for 28 days - twice daily application - instrumental measurements
(**) In vitro tests carried out


A triple action boosting formula to combat encrusted cellulite

Caffeine-ginger complex :
LIERAC's latest revolution: combining caffeine, the benchmark slimming active ingredient, with ginger, which acts as a "starter" by initiating the removal of fat.
Result: This combination is 20X more effective than caffeine alone on fat removal**.

Patented WTB System (***):
It stimulates the burning of fat and therefore promotes the elimination of stored fat.

Pro-Irisine :
With the cryolipolysis effect, it has an anti-recidivist action on fat storage.

(**) In vitro tests carried out (***) Patent registered in France

+ See INCI list

Apply in circular massages morning and evening to the affected areas.

Massage technique: 1 minute for each step

1. Deep Jacquet Pinches
On clean, dry skin, with the fingers of both hands together, perform quick, deep pinches on the skin of the areas to be treated.

2. Elimination massages
Apply the product to the areas to be treated. Then massage back and forth over all the areas concerned.

3. Circular drainage
Draw upward circles on the areas to be treated.

4. Intense pressure
Apply about ten pressures on the area to be treated.

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