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The Absolute Anti-Ageing Cure

Smoothes - Thightens - Enhances
The youth shot - Visible youthfulness effect from 28 days
30 ml


Benefiting from the latest discoveries in regenerative medicine, La Cure Anti-Âge Absolu targets the phenomenon of accelerated skin senescence and corrects all the signs of ageing: wrinkles, sagging, loss of density, spots, uneven skin texture.At the heart of its formula is a duo of innovative and highly effective active ingredients.

The patented FX hexapeptide* biomimics a natural skin protein, FOXO, which protects stem cells and promotes skin regeneration. GDF-11 technology promotes cell rejuvenation.A formulatory prowess developed with Harvard University, a precious texture with thousands of micro-capsules in suspension combining the freshness of water and the comfort of oil and a fragrance with elegant notes of jasmine flowers, iris and musk.* Patent registered in France

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Hexapeptide that biomimics the action of the FOXO protein and promotes skin regeneration

Gdf-11 technology

3 forms of hyaluronic acid for optimal surface and in-depth effectiveness:

  • High molecular weight hyaluronic acid: immediately hydrates and smoothes.
  • Micro-encapsulated hyaluronic acid: offers a prolonged release plumping action.
  • Agave yeast extract: stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid naturally produced by the skin for long-term filling benefits.

+ See INCI list

Proven effectiveness


Exceptional proven clinical results in just 1 month – A shot of youth for renewed volume, strength and radiance.


The skin is more radiant and more comfortable for 96%. (1)

After 14 days:

The skin is revitalized and strengthened, wrinkles look smoothed, and the complexion is revived. (2)

After 1 month:

Volume is restored to the skin. Skin looks denser, repaired and stronger. Wrinkles look filled. The complexion is revived, more luminous and evener. (3)

Based on regenerative medicine research.

Improved feeling of well-being for over 80% of women. (4)

(1) Ex vivo test on the core active ingredients.

(2) Clinical study over 28 days, women aged 40-70.

(3) Clinical study on 59 volunteers, twice-daily application, % satisfaction.

(4) Standardized study on 59 volunteers over 28 days, twice-daily application Well-Being Questionnaire and Physical Self-Perception Profile Methods and semantic analysis of quotes — Women aged 40-70.

Advice for use

Apply morning and night to the face, before your usual skincare cream.

Use as a 28-day straight cure, once to three times per year. 

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