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Hydragenist The Rehydrating Serum

Hydragenist The Rehydrating Serum

Rehydrates – Plumps – Illuminates

Intense plumping care

30 ml


Formulated with 96% of natural-origin ingredients, the Rehydrating Serum is a real hydration infusion for the skin.
Its water-saturated texture instantly refreshes and quenches.

Continuously hydrated, skin is plumper, supple and luminous. Formulated to suit all skin types, even sensitive*.

* tested under dermatological control.

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Developed from LIERAC Research’s work on the skin’s hydration mechanisms, the new Hydragenist range is enriched with dual-action technology:
- a long-term hydrating action thanks to a unique rehydrating ferment that lastingly boosts the skin’s natural hydration mechanisms
- an immediate hydrating action thanks to high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which leaves all skin types comfortable and radiant, even the thirstiest.


A mesh of 3 hygroscopic biopolymers, it offers a dual action for optimal hydration:
- limits the evaporation of water by forming a protective film on the skin’s surface, helping to maintain its natural hydration.
- gradually releases a cocktail of hydrating molecules into the skin to continuously hydrate throughout the day.


This 100% natural-origin rehydrating ferment comes from the fermentation of an extremophile plankton that lives in the Rio Tinto, a river that is an extreme environment. It boosts the skin’s 3 key self-hydration mechanisms: it replenishes the skin’s water reserves, stimulates the circulation of water within the cells and limits its evaporation, providing the skin with long-lasting hydration.


This 100% natural-origin high molecular weight hyaluronic acid maintains the balance of water in the skin as it is highly hygroscopic. It also intensely plumps the skin, provides it with immediate comfort and smooths dehydration lines.

+ See INCI list

At the heart of the product

98% of natural-origin ingredients



Made in France


Clinically & instrumentally measured , under dermatological control…*

+33% deep hydration (epidermis)

* Instrumental measurement on 27 people. Applied twice a day for 1 month.

… perceived by women! **

Instantly: 100% of found that their skin looks luminous
After 14 days: 88% of women find their skin looks plumper
After 1 month: 96% of women find their skin was intensely quenched

**Use test carried out on 27 people. Applied twice a day for 1 month. % satisfaction.


Apply morning and evening to the face and neck before cream.

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